Enough Talk, Let’s Get Going with Flutter!

Oops, before we can get to real code though, we probably should get Flutter installed, plus whatever tooling we’re going to need, huh? As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s not especially easy to build Flutter code into an executable app without that step being done first! Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, getting our development environment set up for Flutter is pretty easy.

Flutter SDK The first step you absolutely must accomplish is downloading, installing, and configuring the Flutter SDK. Everything hinges on this! The second step, which technically is optional but which we’re going to consider required for the purposes of this book, is downloading, installing and configuring Android Studio (and as part of this will be setting up an Android SDK and emulator). First, head over to https://flutter.io, which is your “one-stop shopping” location for Flutter installation and documentation. There, hit the Get Started button at the top. You’ll find yourself on the Install page where you can select which operating system you’re using (Windows, MacOS, or Linux).

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