How To Understand Secure File Transfer Protocol [ SFTP ]

transferring files in a secure environment. SFTP gives as additional layer of security beyond what we get with the regular file transfer protocol. As it uses secure shell [ SSH ] and encrypts sensitive information, data and passwords that they are not clearly transferred to the hosting network. Encrypting data which are sensitive and must be hidden to the common user by letting them not to read like username and password. This feature is why WordPress is suitable than other cms.

What are the two ways of moving files from one place to another?

*Uploading : sending file from our local computer to the web server. Downloading: transferring files from our web server to our local computer. Apart from those two important advantages of SFTP can do several other things with SFTP. Like view files, view data modified, view file size, edit file and change permission. But it require you to login to your privilege account. I wanna say one thing that you should choose SFTP over FTP. Even if your hosting company doesn’t use this version just change your hosting company. Otherwise once upon a time, your gonna be pull your hair up. In order to get SFTP setup
login to cPanel of your website hosted and that you wanna change ssh. Typically browse as then insert username and password. Then hit enter button.
Now browse to the user manager page:- click the SFTP Account icon and open file manager page. Then go to view the existing SFTP:- if your hosting provider automatically sets up with SFTP account no matter at all since you can see it on file manager section.

1. Fill in the provided fields:- The fields of the User Manager page ask for your name, desired username, domain, and email address.
2. Type your desired password in the Password field. You can choose to type in your own password or click the Password Generator button to have the server generate a secure password for you. Retype the password in the Password (Again) field to validate it.
3. Check the Strength indicator:- The server tells you whether your password is Very Weak, Weak, Good, Strong, or Very Strong (not shown in Figure 3-1, but you find it farther down on the same screen). You want to have a very strong password for your SFTP account that’s difficult for hackers and malicious Internet users to guess and crack.
4. In the Services section, click the Disabled icon within the FTP section:- This action changes the icon label to Enabled and enables FTP for the user you are creating.
5. Indicate the space limitations in the Quota field:- Because you’re the site owner, leave the radio button selection set to Unrestricted. (In the future, if you add a new user, you can limit the amount of space, in megabytes [MB], by selecting the radio button to the left of the text field and typing the numeric amount in the text box, such as 50MB.)
6. (Optional) Type the directory access for this SFTP user:- cPanel fills in this information for you: something like public_html/user . (The user, in this case, is the same username you entered in Step 1.) Leaving this field as is gives the new SFTP user access only to a folder with his or her username. For the purposes of installing WordPress, you want this account to have access to the public_html folder, so remove the /user portion of the directory access so that the field contains only public_html
7. Click the Create button:- You see a new screen with a message that the account was created success- fully. Additionally, you see the settings for this new user account.
8.Copy and paste the settings into a blank text editor window (such as Notepad for PC or TextEdit for Mac users). The settings for the user account are the details you need to connect to your web server via SFTP. Save the following settings:

Password: *******
Username, Password, and SFTP Server Port are specific to your domain and the information you entered in the preceding steps. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, the SFTP Server Port is 22. Be sure to double-check your SFTP settings to make sure that this is the case, because some hosting providers use different port numbers for SFTP.

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