Shining the Spotlight on Your WordPress Website 2020 WordPress Basic

Shining the Spotlight on Your WordPress Website 2020 WordPress Basic.

A lot happens behind the scenes to make your WordPress blog or website function. The secret of of it that why you don’t have to worry about back end management and maintain a WordPress site unless you really want to. By the way WordPress is build in the base of PHP and MYSQL, two software components required to run WordPress. Without those two WordPress is nothing.

Publishing content is an evolutionary process. Undoubtedly, blog and website serves as excellent tools for business, editorial journalism,news, and entertainment. Little bit you find a stand-alone blog that is the sum of total website. This is what we call it website which contains blog.

Here are some way that people use blogs and websites which are powered by WordPress. Namely:- Personal, Business, Medical-Journalisim, Citizen Journalism and Professional. Personal Websites or Blogs creates as personal journal or dairy. we’re considered to be a personal blogger if we use our blog mainly to discuss topics that are personal to us or our daily lifestyle. Our family, our dogs, our children or our intersts like politics, sports, music, Movies or fictional story. The other is Business website or Blogs:- those types of site uses the power of blogs to promote a company’s business services, products or whatever. Blogs are very effective tools for promotion and marketing and business blogs usually offer helpful information to end users who are readers and customers. The third one is Media Journalism:- the huge numbers of popular news outlets such as Fox News, MNSBC, and CNN have added blogs to their websites to provide information the their users and visitors. Reader’s Digest is best example of such a population. The fourth one is Citizen Journalism:- According to this type of website or blogs the emergence of citizen journalism coincided with the swing from old media to new media. This websites often fact-check traditional media news stories and expose inconsistencies, with the intention of keeping the media or local politicians in check. The last one is Professional website or blog:- this category of blogger is growing every day. Professional bloggers are paid to blog for individual companies or websites. Blog networks such as Scientific of staff blogs. Those bloggers are the top one of many maker from online digital marketing by using their intellectual contents they can generate millions of dollars. Since we are on digital world. Not only those and you, can earn many from internet by using your WordPress website and blog by publishing your couples of articles or video shows.

So what are you waiting for?:- Packaged within the WordPress software is the capability to maintain chronological and categorized archives of your publishing history, automatically. WordPress uses PHP and MySQL technology to sort and organize everything you publish in an order that you, and your readers, can access by date and category. This archiving process is done automatically with every post or page you publish to your website. As we published on the previous post PHP and MYSQL are the base of WordPress website development that they let use to have complete content management system.

PHP-personal home page.
MYSQL-is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) which uses Structured Query Language (SQL)

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