The Secret Of Easy,Fast And Secure Setup of WordPress Website

  • The Secret Of Easy,Fast And Secure Setup of WordPress Website.

Choose and buy your domain name, find and choose your web hosting, Brush up on SFTP Finally Install WordPress on Your Cpanel,Downloading WordPress software is easy more than doing anything. But before you do that you should have choose Your domain name then buy it. By the way more than setting up and developing WordPress or other self coded website, choosing website name which is appropriate for your goal and product makes you so tired. That is why every websites are more meaningful than their contents. Like The cover of book say all about the content. Domain name is the same like that. Finally, after you choose your website name just go to the next step which is finding web hosting company. When you buy a domain name you don’t really own it rather than you’re purchasing the right to use that domain name for the period of times specified in your order package that you bought. There are different website extensions that you gonna be choose one for your product type and website purpose. .com, .net, .info, .top, .tech, .org, .me, .us or .biz are the way of your domain name extension can be declared. In my view .com is the best extension for e commerce website and .org is the best format for organization that stand for purpose full company.

Starting from Google up to little start up company there are hundreds of thousands web hosting company. Even though there package and service is differ from one the other. Some of the may be limited bandwidth or storage and the other of theme may unlimited and much costy. There are different level of hosting which are personal, business, cloud level. They may be also either share hosting or dedicated. Those ideas are the major matter of web hosting that you should know and understand them before you pay to host your website. world’s huge company namely Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Drop box gives your hosting service package as much as your need. Appart from being simple and dramatic, google’s Firestore hosted service and Drop Box hosting service gives you cloud way of hosting service which is the latest and brand hosting service of this century and may be also for future. In order to see the difference between server and cloud hosting, just seeing YouTube server and Telegram service is more than enough. Try to upload video to your YouTube channel and leave it before it finished, then try it back then for the other way go to your telegram channel and upload video and do the same as former one. Amazingly, what you conclude from those two huge platform server different. Telegram usethe latest hosting system which is cloud system.

No matter where you choose to register your domain name, here are the steps you can take to accomplish this task:
1. Decide on a domain name. Doing a little planning and forethought here is necessary. Many people think of a domain name as a brand — a way of identifying their websites or blogs.

2. Verify the domain name’s availability. In your web browser, enter the URL of the domain registrar of your choice. Look for the section on the registrar’s website that lets you enter the domain name (typically, a short text field) to see whether it’s available. If the domain name isn’t available as a .com , try .net or .info .

3. Purchase the domain name. Follow the domain registrar’s steps to purchase the name, using your credit card. After you complete the checkout process, you receive an email confirm-ing your purchase, so use a valid email address during the registration process. Web-hosting providers generally provide at least these services with your account:
» » Hard drive space
» » Bandwidth (transfer)
» » Domain email with web mail access
» » Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) access
» » Comprehensive website statistics
» » MySQL database(s)
» » PHP

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