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  • What Word press Can Do For Us

Word press is more than CMS which is the most popular,simple,scale-able,Reliable and free content management software. While you are using WordPress you no longer need to worry about knowing the code because WordPress software does the code part for you. There are millions company and personal blogs which are developed with WordPress and the are pure WordPress. Rather than writing codes for years or half of year to develop your system and to be compatible with other websites on world rank choosing WordPress is incredible. According to 2020 status from billions of websites the higher percentage takes WordPress. That is the reason why I’m writing about WordPress over Jomula, Drupal, October CMS. In order to put yourself top rank of websites I wanna say you word-press is the best way for bloggers and other Video content management software . Not only this and also WordPress can have lovely design and Responsive themes for E-commerce like Amazon , music streaming, film store like Netflix and other sell and buy platforms can be developed by using those alternative WordPress Themes.

To be honest, I have three websites which are video management system and as blog and Still now I choose WordPress for those websites and blog. Since it’s limitless and fully functional instead of caring huge debug. WordPress takes so many advantages over other content management system. WordPress have two best version which are Free version and Pro version. This is the reason why Word press is called Diverse option. The free version is WordPress.org, which is self hosted version to install on the web server of your choice. Used for both blogging and website. and the pro version is WordPress.com, which is hosted as trunk solution and primarily used as blogging.

WordPress is easy to use: it’s cab be set up quickly and the software is easy to use. It doesn’t require codding skill. Extensibility:- WordPress is extremely extensible, what I mean is you can easily obtain plugins and tools that let you customize it to suit your purposes and dream. Word-press have strong and huge: it have large and loyal members that helping members community via email, public forums, and other social groups. Even if you gotta bugs and post it on Facebook or reddit WordPress group,m you will find answers with in couples of minutes.I wonder if you get complete and finished platform with in five minutes. But confidentially I wanna tell you that you can do this with WordPress content management system. You can develop your website the way you need too, since it have thousands of plugins and themes(designs).

So what are you waiting for?

WordPress.com is a hosted solution, which means that it has no software require-ment, no downloads, and no installation or server configurations. Everything’s done for you on the back end, behind the scenes. You don’t even have to worry about how the process happens; it happens quickly, and before you know it, you’re making your first post using a WordPress.com solution. Drang and drop is the backbone of wordpress website.

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